Friday night, wooo!

As photographers, we have a different lifestyle than a lot of people.
Sometimes it’s totally awesome, sometimes it’s less than glamorous.
Tonight, as an example, Mischa met with our wonderful 2012 wedding clients, Robin & John, to pick images from their wedding to include in their album.
For Mischa, this means a 90 minute drive to San Francisco, 6 hours of picking images with Robin & John, and a 90 minute return drive.

I stayed home in Sacramento (equipped with comfy pants, chocolate chips and a glass of wine) to work on some album layouts.

Sure, we could have stayed over in San Francisco and enjoyed the weekend night life of the city – but – we work weekends. To quote Mischa, “it’s a school night”.

Tomorrow, we’re meeting with potential wedding clients in Sacramento and then Mischa’s going to Pleasanton to shoot an anniversary party.
Mischa knows I can sleep better if I hear his voice so he just called to check in before he gets on the road – no texting and driving allowed here!

So, as the nine-to-fivers of the world enjoy cocktails and date nights, (I see you on Facebook! I know you’re out there!) we’re working like it’s Tuesday morning (well, except the glass of wine).

Mischa and I promise to update the blog, even if it’s not an exotic locations or an exquisite event.  Tonight, you get yoga pants and “time to update the website” ….I mean…. NEVER BEFORE SEEN images. 🙂

This gorgeous lady is Bridget, a long lost friend of mine from Santa Cruz who called us for a boudoir session. Wanting to keep the session top secret from her hubby, she chose the W Hotel in San Francisco under the guise of visiting with her mom. After sticking to a strict diet (as we all promise we’ll do before posing for boudoir shots) Bridget told us the first thing she wanted when we wrapped was a burrito. Our kind of lady!

Her husband chose sixteen of his favorites for an album we’re delivering in time for Valentine’s day. These are three of mine.

Bridget’s boudoir session in San Francisco’s W hotel. A surprise for her husband.


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