New!! Personalized ABC Books

Introducing: Personalized ABC books from Mischa Photography!

We have been so excited about  this project and now that we have the books in hand and get to look at them with the boys, we’re even more excited to offer them through the studio.

Mischa has been talking about making an ABC book using photos with items and themes representing the alphabet since our first born was tiny. As so often happens, we missed the best window of time for this with Kai (the newly-sitting-but-not-crawling-super-fast-yet period that often happens around 6-9 months) and Mischa was determined to make it happen with Nico.

The shoot was a lot of fun! We collected a ton of props and timed it for the sweet spot between Nico’s naps when he’s the most playful and content.

We made two sizes of Nico’s book with wraparound photo covers. The big one is 14″x 11″ and the small one is 7″ x 5″

Both have the same rigid pages that make them durable for little hands to turn.

personalized ABC books

The same layout is easy to incorporate into many sizes to give as gifts.

personalized ABC book

The customization of the alphabet is so much fun and planning the props allows for lots of creativity.

Of course we thought of “camera” for the letter C and it was a special treat to pull Mischa from behind the camera to stand in as “D for daddy”.

personalized ABC book

With 26 letters, we get to include a range of emotions and interactions with the props.

personalized ABC book

Our friend Isla got in on the fun and started by showing her team loyalty with the letter A (as Giants fans, we don’t discriminate)

personalized ABC book

Isla’s book features both her Mom as the letter “M for momma” and her big sister as “S for sister Stella” as well as her mom’s harp as the letter H.  Nico even makes a brief cameo as the king to her “Q is for queen”.

To see Isla’s personalized ABC book from start to finish, watch this video:


Our studio is the perfect place to make this kind of project go from a “we should totally do that!” to an “it came out awesome!”

If you or someone you love would like to have one of these personalized ABC books of their baby, contact us today.



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