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About Mischa Photography
Mischa and Brianne Posing for a workshop, Image by Kim Sayre

Owners Mischa & Brianne Purcell are passionate photographers with fine art backgrounds, extensive technical training and over a decade of experience.  They specialize in vivid artistic images and candid emotional moments.   “We want our photographs to make you smile, touch your heart, and take your breath away.”

Since 2003, Mischa Photography has been based out of a San Francisco warehouse in the artsy hub where Mission District and Potetero Hill meet.  In 2011, Mischa Photography expanded to include a Sacramento location.  This Sacramento storefront includes both a street front gallery and a full portrait studio.

Mischa serves as past President and continues on the board of the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area.  This group of professional peers has also selected him to teach seminars and classes for its members.   His work has earned him many awards and honors, including “album designer of the year – 2010 & 2012,” “wedding photographer of the year – 2012 & 2013” and Image of the year – 2013.

About Mischa

Mischa’s interest in photography began at 8 years old when he had the opportunity to learn from Neil White, family friend and photography professor at SF State.  Mischa learned, at this very young age, how to see life through the eyes of a camera.  Graduating from U.C.S.C. with a B.A. in Fine Art/Photography, Mischa began working as a professional photographer using film and printing in a darkroom in Santa Cruz.  Making the move to San Francisco in 2003, he established the independent studio known today as Mischa Photography.

Mischa’s genuine wide smile and signature laugh help to create a joyous mood and ensures a comfortable relationship between himself and his clients.  Mischa’s natural interests in technology and fine art have kept him on the cutting edge of what wedding and portrait photography can be.  Whether shooting candid photojournalistic moments or creating a dramatic showstopper, Mischa is at the top of his field.

When not busy photographing, Mischa enjoys rock climbing, wine tasting, hosting dinner parties to share his cooking talents, riding his fixed gear bicycle, snowboarding, single-malt Scotch fueled Scrabble tournaments and exploring his geekier side by building his own computers and camera gadgets.  He has always loved to travel and looks forward to many years of traveling and photography with his wife, Brianne, their son Molokai and their dogs, Little Man and Marzipan.

About Brianne

Brianne’s fascination with photography began early, asking for a camera of her very own for Christmas when she she was 7. That hand-me-down 110mm started her love affair with capturing moments. Although her technique has matured and her equipment has been substantially upgraded, photography is still what she loves to do most.

Brianne prefers natural light and loves emotional connections, caught at just the right moment. She strives to tell the story, as she would want it told, for each and every client.  If you want a fantastic photojournalistic photographer Brianne is definitely the right photographer for you.

Brianne, who usually goes by Bri(e), is totally infatuated with her new son Molokai and her tiny dogs, Little Man and Marzipan.  She was born and raised in Santa Cruz and made the move to San Francisco in the Spring of 2009 to work with Mischa Photography.  She loves eggs benedict and root beer floats (not together).  Doesn’t like mushrooms & can’t stand cilantro.  She’s a self-taught knitter who compulsively smells new yarn and usually rewrites patterns to her liking.  She has a major thing for good chocolate and jammy zinfandel.  She likes to sing in the car, if it’s your birthday, and often to inanimate objects.  She has always wanted to travel more, and is looking forward to many years of breathtaking images and great bottles of wine with Mischa.

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About Elesha

Elesha is an ambitious photographer, always grateful for the opportunities to capture life through the lens.  At a young age she began photographing her baby brothers, kitten and Dirty Dancing posters with a pink and turquoise 24 mm film camera.  Although the days of baby brothers and kitten posters are long gone her passion and knowledge for photography has grown considerably over the last few decades.

Elesha’s friendly demeanor and years of experience makes her a perfect choice for capturing both the candid moments and requisite formal portraits.   Currently, based in Santa Cruz, Elesha is available for weddings throughout the Bay Area and destinations worldwide.  Elesha looks forward to opportunities to meet new clients and photograph their most tender, emotional and important moments.  It warms her heart to think of future generations sharing those with her photographs telling their story.

Outside of photography, Elesha’s first love, she enjoys traveling, the Eastern Sierra’s, California’s rich history, barn wood, visiting family scattered across the county, the outdoors, whale watching and live music.  She is obsessed with Americana roots music and if she is not taking pictures, you are likely to find her on a dance floor stomping her boots to the upright bass, a banjo and a mandolin.  This is usually where she plugs one of three of her favorite bands and hopes everyone will love them as much as she does.  She thinks banjo’s are sexy and feels the energy from live music is contagious and spreads joy.


About Tiffanie

Tiffanie’s love for photography was inspired by a black and white candid of her mom watching her on a playground swing.  Nothing posed, nothing special, but a captured moment in time that she cherishes to this very day.  It’s a photo that inspires her to do what she does behind the lens.  A photo that captures an experience shared with her mom.  A moment she never wants to forget.  Brief moments full of love, tenderness, and joy are what inspire her.

Tiffanie prefers natural light and adores photographing children from tots to teens.  If you want a photographer to capture the simple moments of childhood, or the big milestones on the journey to growing up, Tiffanie is the photographer for you.  She loves to capture smiling eyes, laughter, and the innocence of youth in their natural element.  She is happy to consult on wardrobe selection and accessories, and promises to make it a fun and painless experience!

Aside from her photography, Tiffanie is a woman of faith, a wife, a daughter, a friend and a mother.  She enjoys being a Mom to her three kidlets.  From watching basketball games to painting toe nails, she adores it all and always has a camera in hand, even if it’s just her smart phone.  She dislikes raw carrots and cilantro and loves all things minty.   She has a heart for adoption and enjoys Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates.

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