There were so many gorgeous photos from Adrienne and Matthew’s Rancho Victoria Vineyard wedding that I’ve been putting off posting it out of sheer overwhelm….since August. 6 months is long enough.

Adrienne and Matthew were married on a warm August Saturday beneath a sprawling Oak tree in Plymouth California at Rancho Victoria Vineyard.  We love this venue and are so happy to be on their preferred vendor list.

Rancho Victoria Vineyard wedding


Adrienne & Matthew’s wedding altar was decorated with a unique floral and macrame art piece, handmade by the couple’s friend Holly. In fact, Holly was in charge of flowers for the whole event.

florist friend Holly

Adrienne elaborates on their floral choices:

“We asked our friend Holly who has done a few events in the past. She has great style and vision. She shopped for flowers at SF Flower Mart in San Francisco and with the help of a few close friends put together an amazing array of arrangements. ”

florist friend Holly


Adrienne’s Wedding Dress was from Bride to be Couture



The groomsmen were on their own, we told them color and style.

Bridesmaid Dresses by SohoMode on Etsy
Matthew wore Ted Baker

Rustic California wedding


It’s impossible not to fall in love with Adrienne and Matthew when you meet them. Just sayin’. This is one of my favorites of the happy couple from their Photo Booth images.

Feeling like we were budding BFFs after following her around paparazzi style on her wedding, I hounded Adrienne for more information about being a bride.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

“Its impossible to pick one part. Getting ready with my girlfriends and family was the best…
Rancho Victoria Vineyard wedding


seeing each-other for the first time was the best…

Rancho Victoria Vineyard wedding
seeing everyone we love together in the same place was the best…

Rancho Victoria Vineyard weddingWatching everything we worked so hard on come to fruition was the best. The entire day was simply the best!

Rancho Victoria Vineyard wedding
What was unexpected that you loved?

“After the ceremony was over and we were married it was really neat to take a few moments with my Husband, just pause, look around and take it all in. The day truly goes by so quickly and its good to take a moment for you and your honey. ”

Rancho Victoria Vineyard wedding


Rancho Victoria Vineyard wedding


Rancho Victoria Vineyard wedding


Rancho Victoria Vineyard wedding
Adrienne on her favorite wedding details:

“We started collecting wood candle holders thinking that we would stick them on every table, get a nice long candle to put in them and have a nice table setting. I found out a few weeks before the wedding that no open flames were allowed at the venue. We had about +50 candle holders and my Mother In Law had a stock pile of mason jars, so we glued the jars onto the holders and made some funky/vintage holders. We also made the dessert stands out of the wood holders and some vintage plates we found at estate sales/thrift stores.”

DIY jar candelabra


Rancho Victoria Vineyard wedding

Gypsy Kitchen (Cookies)

Nothing Bundt Cake – (Bundt Cakes)

Any advice for those planning their wedding now?

“Stay true to your heart and your vision. Don’t let others influence what you want. Stay strong!”

( Adrienne and Matthew had simple and straightforward bar offerings with one signature cocktail, “the Powpenter” )

signature cocktail


What would you change, if anything?

We are big Whiskey drinkers, we thought one case would be plenty, especially with all the other wine/beer we had. We ran out of whiskey at about 9:15pm, so a secret stash would have been handy!

How did you feel after the wedding?

” Renewed, excited, exhausted, loved, grateful. ”

sparkler exit at Rancho Victoria Vineyard


This is one of the last images from Adrienne & Matthew’s Rancho Victoria Vineyard wedding and it’s one of my favorites. We are so glad that we were able to meet and photograph this sweet couple and we are seriously looking forward to sharing laughs and whiskey with them again soon.

All of the day’s vendors were amazing to work with and deserve acknowledgement and props for their hard work.

Wedding Planners/coordinators:

Liz & Christina
Obsessed Events
Phone: (530) 295-8154

Amanda Thomas
Phone:(916) 492-2410

Tessa and Cynthia
Phone:(916) 492-2410

The Hidden Table




We know how hard it is to be able to leave the house when you have a new baby so it’s not unusual for us to schedule Sacramento newborn photography at our clients’ homes. Aaden was exactly 4 weeks old at his session, which although outside our recommended window for the sleepy newborn portrait style, we were able to capture some sweet moments for this little gentleman and his beautiful family.

Sacramento newborn photography


A few accessories add texture and a bit of color to a scrumptious snoozing baby.


More texture with little Aaden sprawled with a duo of knitted blankets. As a knitter myself I wish there were more hours in the day so I could knit more of our pieces in-house. I always love a commission, especially when we have the opportunity to photograph the finished object.

Have a vision for a photo shoot with special knit item? Need someone to knit that item? Let me know. I would totally love that combination project.

Sacramento newborn photography


Sacramento newborn photography


Sacramento newborn photography


After the solo shots of adorable Aaden, we moved on to some traditional black and white studio portraits with his mom & dad.

These are the ones they chose to display in their home as a framed collection.

Here’s the mock-up from their ordering appointment:

And the individual images, retouched for printing.


Sacramento newborn photography


Sacramento newborn photography


Sacramento newborn photography


If you’re looking for Sacramento newborn photography we’re available to host you at our studio or come to your home if you prefer, either way, we always look forward to meeting and photographing these fresh little faces.

It’s not secret that wine and photography are some of our favorite things and a wine country family portrait is one of our favorite ways to combine two things we love.

Whenever we get a call from the Bowie family, we know that it will be a good time had by all. They live on a beautiful sprawling property in wine country with lots of well-loved animals. Dogs, horses, chickens, and a curious cat tend to make appearances in the portraits and even become featured on holiday cards.

Now that holiday card season is behind us (for at least 6 months) it’s safe for us to share images from our most recent session with the Bowie family.

This is the image they chose for the front of their 2016 holiday card.

wine country family portrait

It’s not hard to see that they are a fun-loving family. We were fortunate enough to schedule for the exact hour of rain-free shooting time amidst a series of winter storms… it was raining when we arrived and raining when we left. And their smiles were still this wide and genuine.

If there was any shadow of a doubt that this family is uniquely enjoyable to be around, this is  front of their first holiday card with us in 2011:

wine country family portrait


It will probably ALWAYS be in my top 5 favorite custom holiday cards we’ve designed.

They took the opportunity to send all of their friends and family a big smile and a warmed heart.

For the back of their cards in 2011 they chose to use a shot of just the kiddos, hanging out in the horse pasture on a gigantic pumpkin.

wine country family portrait


What a difference 5 years makes when you have kids!

Here’s an image of these siblings in the same pasture 5 years later

It makes me almost want to go wake up my kids to see if they’ve changed since dinner. (well, almost – sleeping kids are sleeping kids).


wine country family portrait


They days might be long, but the years are incredibly short. There’s no better way to keep these precious memories alive than with great portraiture.


This season, the Bowie family chose to have a more classic portrait for the back of their holiday card.


wine country family portrait


I can’t stop comparing these two sessions! In 2011 we took a similar photograph – check it out.


wine country family portrait


It’s important to note the difference in light between the two sessions. The one we did in 2011 was in late September around 6pm, just before sunset. While the most recent session – at the exact same location – was in mid-October at around 10:30 am.

Speaking of an opportunity for comparison, there were a couple years in there when we didn’t hear from the Bowies. They had the opportunity to work with someone else who offered a special rate but didn’t impress the Bowies with their results…so they’re back!

We are delighted to be the photographer of choice for this fantastic family, these wine country family portraits, and we look forward to watching them and their pets continue to grow.

wine country family portraits


Are you ready for a remarkably cute baby? This week’s blog is our most recent new face in the category of Sacramento newborn photography. We met Miss Sophia on her thirteenth day and she stole our hearts immediately.

This face. We just. can’t. even.

Sacramento Newborn photography


Since becoming parents ourselves, we have a much better understanding (and so much empathy for the parents!) of what it takes to pull off a newborn photo session in that sweet spot before a baby is two weeks old. If you can find your way through the foggy depths of the new parent adjustment stage to get to our Sacramento studio, we can make you look human even if you don’t feel like it.


Sacramento Newborn photographer


With countless newborn poses on Pinterest to ooh and aah over, baby toes are undeniably the most requested details for a close-up. These teeny little piggies are a perfect example of why they remain a popular must-have.


Sacramento Newborn photography


One last peek at Sophia’s Sacramento newborn photography session is one of our specialties: a classic black and white studio portrait.

This intimate portrait of a father and daughter is exactly the kind of image we love to capture for our clients. Sophia’s father’s pose is loving and strong and she looks protected within his embrace.


Sacramento Newborn photography


Welcome, baby Sophia. We are so glad to have met you.

To see more of our Sacramento newborn photography, click here.

It’s time to start thinking about what to do for your Valentine and artistic boudoir photographs are the perfect gift for the love of your life.

Be true to your style with a customized session. Call or email for more details.

artistic boudoir


artistic boudoir


artistic boudoir