What we did this weekend: A photographer’s story.

Weekends for photographers, especially in the fall, are usually our busiest days.

This past weekend for us was a whirlwind of faces, details, and celebrations and it was our job to capture it all. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, or enough, to get the point across… I love my job. (Mischa does too, he told me). Being photographers is what we’re meant to do.

On Friday, Mischa started his day photographing a commercial headshot on location at Cal Berkeley, swung by Wunderlich Park in Redwood City for a family session with former wedding clients and their adorable 9 month old, and ended the day with a 2017 wedding couple for their engagement session in San Francisco. (I drove our kids to my mom’s house in Santa Cruz which wasn’t so much a paid gig, but totally necessary to accommodate our schedule – on the way, our toddler got a haircut and I posted an instagram pic, but that was pretty much the extent of shooting for me.)

On Saturday, I was the second shooter for a dear friend and fellow photographer at a lovely event at the Faculty Club in Berkeley, while Mischa photographed an event at Mondavi Winery

On Sunday, we finally got to rendezvous and shoot a wedding together at the Los Altos History Museum. Honestly, when the kids are with a sitter and we get to put on nice clothes, it’s like a date, even when we are working – because we very much love what we do and when we get to spend time together doing it.

While we did take time out to watch the debate together, it’s Monday night now and once again, Mischa is one place (putting the kids to bed) and I’m another (downloading cards, getting a blog post up…and half-watching a couple of episodes in my streaming queue {John Oliver & The Simpsons if you’re wondering})

Such is the expectation we have for the days that most people consider relaxing days off, weekends for photographers are busy. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are SO. MANY. MOMENTS from this weekend swirling in my head. I wish I had the time to cultivate thoughtful ways to share more, but tonight, I am just going to post this one. The very last photo from a very long series of shoots. Straight out of camera *no photoshop, no filters* Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too, enjoy

weekends for photographers


Mischa posted a version of this on our Instagram page from the back of the camera.

To all of our clients, past, present and future, we love spending our weekends with you!!

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