Lake Tahoe wedding album design – Toni & Tom at Edgewood

Toni and Tom were married last August at Edgewood Lake Tahoe. We blogged about it shortly after their wedding here

It’s no secret that wedding albums are the types of good things that come to those who wait.
Lucky for Toni & Tom, this past week we submitted the first draft of their album design for their consideration.
It’s at this point in the album design process that they have a chance to look over the proposed layout -and the retouched images we chose together at their selection appointment- and make sure that there’s not a thing they would change before it goes to print.

We believe a well designed album to be the very best way to re-experience a wedding day. More than just a series of statement images, an album allows for the story to unfold through the both the chronological timeline and emotional vignettes. Whether visited seldomly or frequently, a gorgeous wedding album is meant to evoke the anxiety and excitement, the solemn and heartfelt commitment, and the elated celebration that accompany a wedding day.

Toni and Tom’s day is here:

Thanks for looking,
As with every time I allow myself the pleasure of flipping through a well-designed wedding album I find myself thinking the same thing,
“We really need to get around to designing our own album!”
It will be 5 years next May – time sure does fly – but it’s never too late!

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