San Francisco City Hall Artistic Photography

We’ve had the pleasure of photographing at SF City Hall dozens of times and were able to again, just this last Wednesday.  Now normally it takes us a couple weeks to go through the images and select the best ones and then our couples can pick their favorites to have printed.  But on occasion, we have clients that are both awesome and super trusting and need a little RUSH processing.  Ashleigh & Frank were this couple.   You see, their wedding reception was to be held this past Sunday at The Firehouse restaurant in Old Town Sacramento just 4 days after their San Francisco City Hall wedding ceremony!  And they wanted images on display for their reception!  Luckily they fully trusted us and we quickly selected just a couple images to see which they’d want enlarged.  Well after seeing them, they decided on both.  We artistically retouched them both, printed them on Metal (24×36 and 40×20), and were able to have them ready in time for the reception!  Below are the two images with animated gif before/afters so you can see what we do when we artistically retouch an image.  I’ve also included a couple extra images from the end of their reception Sunday, because I love light painting 😉  The latter 2 are almost straight out of camera #nofilter.  Hope you enjoy!

Light Painting 2-lr
Light Painting 1-lr


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